DJ Paine

DJ Paine is a radio host, podcaster, photographer, Professional Christian music geek and amateur Bible nerd. In this interview he shares about his faith journey, and about his background in working with Christian groups like Krosswerdz, Compliments of Gus and Sons of Korah. He also shares about his passion for Christian radio and his new role at Vision Christian radio. His enthusiasm is contagious, listen in!

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Ben Staines

Ben Staines is the Senior Pastor of Generocity Church. He lives in Wagga Wagga, NSW, and has a huge heart for regional and rural NSW as they lead a church that is all about Connecting people to Christ. In 2004, God gave Ben a vision to start and lead a church that worked together spiritually, financially and practically throughout regional and rural NSW in order to see the Kingdom of God expand. Generocity Church is located in a number of towns and regional centres across NSW. Listen in to Ben’s story, and how they are helping drought affected communities.

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