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History makers TV series 2 DVD set now available! 16 Episodes for AUD $10 + postage, All funds go to future Historymakers radio & TV series. Email info@historymakersradio.com now!

History Makers TV series 2 features Third Day, Phil Edwards, Ian & Mandy Worby from Vision radio, Rach Kayrooz, Darren Wilson, Levi Mcgrath, Reto Rehab, Fiona Simpson MP, Dr Shaun Marler, Bob Griffin, David Boske, Daniel Jones, Adam Boccuzzi, Ian Watto Watson, Eddie Baggerman, John Lewis, Leonie Florea and more…

Historymakers TV series 1 is also available for AUD $10 + postage. It features 12 episodes with Politicians, Musicians, Authors, Pastors & more. Watch amazing stories from Bronwen Healy, Col Stringer, Bill Newman, Bec Laughton, Ian Watto Watson, Jason Kennedy, Janet Yeo, Jodie Guerrero, Barbra Herrington, Ben Hughes, Tosh Sturgess, and many more… And please pray for lives to be transformed! Suitable for home viewing, small groups, youth groups or church!

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Janene Epere

Janene Epere is the CEO of Destiny Haven, a womens refuge offering a residential life-developing training program for women with any life controlling issue. Janene shares her story of how she & her Husband Lewis overcame drug addiction, & how God has now opened doors for them to reach out to many. www.destinyhaven.org.au


Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes is a Revivalist, Pastor & worship leader based on the Sunshine Coast. He shares his story of conversion with a powerful encounter with God, & how God has taken him all around Australia, NZ, Fiji, India & the USA with a message of the power of the Gospel. www.pouritout.org


Phill Boaretto

Phill Boaretto is the pastor at C3 Church Tokyo. Here his story of conversion & his heart to reach Japan with the Gospel. After 6 years of short-term trips, he & his wife & children have started a new church near one of the world’s busiest train stations. www.c3churchglobal.com/church


Rod Plummer

Rod Plummer is the pastor at Jesus Lifehouse church in Tokyo. After pastoring churches in  both Thailand & Australia, Rod now oversees a number of churches in Japan. Hear the story of his conversion, and how Jesus Lifehouse is helping Japanese people after the Earthquake and Tsunami. http://tokyo.jesuslifehouse.com


Talo Satakara

Talo Satakara is the Oversight for 14 new Hope Churches in Asia. He’s also Senior Pastor of New Hope Tokyo. After growing up in Samoa, & Hawaii, marrying a Japanese wife and moving to Japan, Talo shares how many doors are opening for the Gospel in Asia. www.newhope.jp

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