Month: June 2021

Bob Field

Bob Field is a Church of Christ minister based in Victoria. He has ministered in rural Victoria and among the homeless in Melbourne. Bob was raised in Coffs Harbour, as a Pastors kid, and was active in his local Church. Bob walked away from the Lord while he was at University, and after coming back to the Lord, felt a strong call to ministry. Listen in to his story!

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Ben Cosford

Ben Cosford is a Singer/songwriter, an Actor and an Anglican Minister. He has suffered from depression since age 23 and has experienced some dark times but has always been carried by Jesus. He has recently been diagnosed with ADHD which has brought a lift from his depression and given Ben fresh creative energies which has resulted in new songs. Listen in to his story!

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Andy Gourley

Andy Gourley is the founder and CEO of the Red Frogs Australia chaplaincy network. He is also chaplain for the Queensland Reds and Brisbane Bullets. Red Frogs has been looking after young people at schoolies and festivals, along with university students, for many years now, providing guardian angels for so many young people. Andy was previously an accountant by day and skateboarding youth worker at night, when he saw a need for young people to be safeguarded and did something about it. The Red Frog movement now extends internationally and involves 4000 volunteers around Australia to support festivals, sports and skateboarding events. Listen in to his story!

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