Month: July 2024

Murray Townsend

Pastor Murray Townsend has trained and equipped over 25 pastors and leaders in the Solomon Islands. He has also seen some amazing miracles and people being set free. Listen in to his story!

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Karen Liddell

Dr. Karen Liddell is an ordained minister and Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, advanced board certified in Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy, Child and Youth Therapy, Temperament Therapy, and Grief and Loss. Karen started her career as an adult and adolescent therapist in psych and  substance abuse centres and hospitals and after raising her family was called into faith-based counselling and neuroplasticity-focused methods. Karen developed the Brain Retrain™ method which is a simple, easy-to-follow process that gets your mind into agreement with who God says you are and what He says you can do. It results in physiological neurogenesis, renewing your mind’s processes and resulting  emotions, actions, and experiences. Karen has also written multiple books and speaks at events across the country. Grace Buckman Spoke with her recently, listen in to her story!

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Jack Harradine

Jack Harradine’s calling and passion is ministering amongst, but not exclusive to, Indigenous people. He has a great desire to share the gospel in both word and deed. He’s been with Bush Church Aid since 2017 where he previously served in Broken Hill. In 2023, he’s commenced an evangelistic outreach role with the Aboriginal Berean Community Church in South Australia. Listen in to his story!

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