Month: June 2017

Pauline Sangham

Pauline Sangham is a Christian radio broadcaster from South Africa. She shares her story of how her life has been transformed by her strong faith in God and her passion to reach people through radio and music. Her testimony reminds us that God has a plan and is working it out His mysterious ways in our lives all the time!

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Andy and Zoe Cullen

Andy and Zoe Cullen are happily married with 4 children. They are a true example of overcoming adversity through their commitment to each other and their faith and are living life with hope. Their true passion is in helping others by spreading a message of hope and peace in overcoming anxiety, depression, and PTSD – identifying the sufferers as both the individuals and the family and friends that surround them. Listen in to their love story and their Journey of how they have overcome the struggles related to Andy’s PTSD after serving in the Army.

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David Tensen

David Tensen is the founder of LeaderHeart, an organisation passionate about keeping the hearts of leaders healthy and thriving. He shares about how to pray over our children, to see them set free from anxiety and fear. David is a speaker, author, writer and vocal recording artist, who brings together a unique fusion of experience ranging from business to leadership and emotional health to spiritual development. David is a sought after speaker and coach. He and his wife Natalie also create media resources to assist parents and children with relational, emotional and spiritual challenges.

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