Month: March 2009

Frans Cronje

Franz Cronje (Pronounced Fruns Cron-yay) is the Brother of South African Cricket legend Hansie Cronje (pronounced Hunsie Cron-yay) He talks about his brother’s faith in God and the scandals and stories that surrounded his cricketing career and his tragic death.

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Geoff Bullock

Geoffrey Bullock is the QLD State officer for Family voice Australia. He is passionate about promoting family values in the political arena, in this interview we tackle the topic of the Australian Abortion laws.

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Michelle Perry

Michelle Perry was told she mightn’t live past the age of 12, after 23 operations and living with only one leg, she has survived and now runs an orphanage and mission in Sudan with Iris ministries, this is a powerful testimony of overcoming the odds!

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