Month: September 2021

Adrian Schrinner

Adrian Schrinner is the Lord Mayor of Brisbane. In this interview he shares about his early years at Citipointe Christian College and the foundation this laid in his life. He shares about the need to offer support for those who are battling with mental health issues, the importance of prayer and the annual gathering of leaders at the Lord Mayors Prayer breakfast.

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George Xanthis

The Apostle John is a well-known author and speaker. He is well known for his books written in the first century which are included in the best-selling book, the Bible. He is also one of the main characters portrayed in a new TV series called “The Chosen.” George Xanthis is the Aussie Actor who plays the Character of John in the Chosen. In this interview George shares about how The Chosen has impacted people all over the world with the message of Jesus. The Chosen is available to watch on The Chosen App, and now on DVD!

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Mike Gore

Mike Gore is the CEO of Open Doors Australia and NZ. In this interview Mike shares about how to pray for persecuted believers around the world, especially in places like Afghanistan and North Korea. He also shares about a Chinese Bible smuggling operation called, ‘Project Pearl,’ which took place 40 years ago. Open Doors saw one million Bibles smuggled into China in one night. Time Magazine dubbed it as one of the most successful smuggling operations of the 20th century. Mike is a former Hindu with a passion for sharing the gospel, this is a must listen!

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