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History Makers TV series 2 features Third Day, Phil Edwards, Ian & Mandy Worby from Vision radio, Rach Kayrooz, Darren Wilson, Levi Mcgrath, Reto Rehab, Fiona Simpson MP, Dr Shaun Marler, Bob Griffin, David Boske, Daniel Jones, Adam Boccuzzi, Ian Watto Watson, Eddie Baggerman, John Lewis, Leonie Florea and more…

Historymakers TV series 1 is also available for AUD $10 + postage. It features 12 episodes with Politicians, Musicians, Authors, Pastors & more. Watch amazing stories from Bronwen Healy, Col Stringer, Bill Newman, Bec Laughton, Ian Watto Watson, Jason Kennedy, Janet Yeo, Jodie Guerrero, Barbra Herrington, Ben Hughes, Tosh Sturgess, and many more… And please pray for lives to be transformed! Suitable for home viewing, small groups, youth groups or church!

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Historymakers TV – Series 1 – Now Available!

By Matt Prater  //  TV  //  Comments Off on Historymakers TV – Series 1 – Now Available!

Historymakers TV series 1 is now available for purchase for AUD $30. This 3 DVD set will inspire & encourage all who watch! Perfect for home viewing, home groups, youth groups or churches! All proceeds go towards future broadcasts of Historymakers radio & TV, as we share the gospel through real life stories! Email info@historymakersradio.com

Jodie Guerrero

Author and speaker Jodie Guerrero shares her inspiring story of overcoming chronic illness. She’s a young mother who struggled to provide for her family, her body ravaged with Lymphoma.

Wendy Francis

Wendy Francis has been involved with Samaritan’s Purse, running nationally televised Christmas Carols, raising three kids, supporting her husband in pastoral work, and now she’s working with the Australian Christian Lobby.

Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes is a Revivalist, Pastor and worship leader based on the Sunshine Coast. He shares his story of conversion with a powerful encounter with God, and how God has taken him all around Australia, NZ, Fiji, India and the USA with a message of the power of the Gospel.

Bronwen Healy

Bronwen Healy started her own freedom journey out of drug addiction and prostitution in 1999 and after authoring her first book “Trophy of Grace”, in 2004 she decided to use her past to help change other peoples futures. She is the founder and CEO of the Hope Foundation, established in 2006. Bronwen is an author, speaker, encourager and pioneer.

Barbra Zaloumis

Barbra Zaloumis dreamed of moving to Australia from Zimbabwe, and God answered her prayers. She shares of her recovery from domestic violence, raising 5 children and her career as a film producer & speaker.

Ian Watson

Ian “Watto” Watson – author of “Every Bloke’s a Champion Even You”, “Champion Blokes Shed Their Shame” and “Shed Night” pioneer. Ian Watto Watson lives to encourage and help men and boys on their journey to becoming the real deal blokes God created them to be. He has had a lifetime of involvement with men through: AFL in Qld; time in the Army; his Truck Driver Training Business; and through establishing and running “Shed Nights” across Australia. He has a powerful, encouraging, inspirational message for men of all ages.

Tosh Sturgess

Australian Evangelist Tosh Sturgess is an international speaker who speaks and ministers globally in a host of settings. He’s seen many exciting healing miracles God has done through this ministry. He’s passionate about ministering to children, and has released a great Childrens ministry resource which is impacting the next generation.

Aaron Parry

Aaron is a singer/songwriter & speaker. He’s travelled all over the world singing and impacting the younger generation. Working with Christian band, Iron & Clay & with the Extreme Sports ministry JC Epidemic.

Andrew Fishtail Fisher

Andrew Fishtail Fisher Races around Australia in a V8 UTE with “Jesus – All about Life”, emblazoned all over his car. He shares some great stories of how he reaches out on the circuit! He even got a mention on “Top Gear” the World’s number one TV show!

Sue Ovens

Sue’s goal is to be known as an encourager. She speaks regularly about the personality types: Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic & Melancholy. She helps us all understand how God made us and how to communicate well. She also shares her story of coming to Christ.

Col Stringer

Col Stringer is well known as Pastor Crocodile Dundee. He’s won a Swedish Gold Medal for a world record shark capture, had Sir Cliff Richard sing at his church and written over 30 books! Col is a real Aussie History maker!

Candice Long

Candice Long is an Australian singer-songwriter given a musical legacy from her parents who were both professional entertainers. She has toured North America performing everywhere from Vancouver, Canada to Nashville, Tennessee. Candice has been the recipient of Best female Vocalist in Queensland for The Entertainment Awards and has supported the likes of Diana Anaid and The Angels.

Bec Laughton

The lion-lunged, vocal powerhouse that is BEC LAUGHTON has evolved into something utterly remarkable, taking all her RnB influences and vocal inspirations and setting them against a backdrop of shimmering synths and killer pop hooks.

Aliki Flodine

Aliki is a singer/songwriter, published author, pastor and public speaker. She has a very down to earth way of communicating that allows her to share the truth of God’s word in a loving and empowering manner. She shares about her years of ministry and some of the messages of grace and love that she has taken to prisons, recovery groups, women’s ministries and churches around Australia.

Luke Holt

There’s more to Luke Holt than is heard on Gold Coast’s Juice1073 FM. Now, you can laugh your way to being inspired and challenged by inviting Luke to speak at your church, men’s group or conference. He is also performing standup comedy in various venues around Australia. He has an incredible story of weight loss & he wows us with his amazing cricket skills!

Bill Newman

Rev. Dr. Bill Newman Ph.D is a distinguished Australian speaker. He regularly addresses audiences of thousands across Australia and around the world. He is a speaker who understands the needs of human hearts. He addresses the needs of the individual, the family and society. His ability to communicate is such that people of all ages and walks of life readily listen to and find hope in his message.

Mark Robinson MP

Mark was elected to the Queensland Parliament in 2009 after a career of 26 years mainly in the fields of education and charity management. Since entering parliament as the LNP Member for Cleveland, Mark has formerly served as the Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Committees and as the Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Apprenticeships and Trade Training. Prior to entering parliament, Mark has worked at an international level in the management of charitable programs working with orphans, children and youth in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Steve Davies

It’s a tale of rags to riches for Steve Davies. “I’ve come a long way from the days when I was a knock-about bloke who was into everything heroin, alcohol,” he said. “When I was in my twenties it would have been inconceivable for my mum to think I would end up in parliament; it just wasn’t on the cards then. The one-time motorbike salesman and former CEO of the Bible Society said he couldn’t rule out a return to the political realm, after serving as a QLD state MP with the LNP.

Leonie MacCracken

A FORMER drug-addicted prostitute who is now a support worker is using the message of love to help others reclaim their lives. Leonie McCracken, 37, was doing her masters in health science at university when she started working in a brothel. “A lot of the reason I went into it was childhood sexual abuse,” she said. “I had post-traumatic stress from that and low self-esteem. I was a shame-based person. I didn’t think what I had done was wrong. I thought I was wrong.” She’s battled anorexia, depression and drug and alcohol abuse in her teens and into her early 20s. An abortion at age 27 was the final straw. “I rang a local brothel,” she said. “My grades plummeted at uni and I used more drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. It was soul destroying,” she said. Ms McCracken worked both legally and illegally over the four years she worked as a prostitute on Brisbane’s southside. She would often call on men in their homes or at local motels, which was both dangerous and illegal.

Eventually, after a number of stints in rehab and hospital “close to death’s door”, she found the Hope Foundation, a Mt Gravatt-based charity that helps women break free of addiction and prostitution. “As soon as I walked over the threshold at the Hope Foundation, I immediately felt loved,” she said. “At Hope, they valued me for what I was, not for what I could earn them.” Fast forward five years and Ms McCracken now works as a case manager at the organisation “loving women back to life”. “I would love women to know that they’re loved and valued and created with a purpose,” she said. “There’s always an alternative to prostitution. They are worth more than that.” The Hope Foundation is a national charity that helps women wanting a life change from addictions and/or the sex industry. Hope Haven, a small ‘home’ based in Mt Gravatt, offers a safe place for women to reflect, read and talk.

Pat Morgan

Pat is an aboriginal gospel singer with an amazing voice, amazing heart and she shares some amazing history about gospel music in Australia.

Jason Kennedy

Jason is an actor, singer & performer who’s been in many performances including Xena warrior princess, he’s been Captain Feathersword in the Wiggles, Phantom of the Opera & many more. He shares his testimony of coming to Christ though Vision radio.

Teresa Martin

Teresa works with Cherish Life QLD, a non-denominational, non-party political association of people who are concerned about issues relating to a person’s right to life, especially in relation to abortion, infanticide, embryo experimentation and euthanasia.

David Schenk

Dave Schenk has previously worked with Easterfest, which was Australia’s largest Christian music festival, this interview was recorded in 2014, but it was so good we decided to keep it on the series!


Historymakers TV

By Matt Prater  //  TV  //  Comments Off on Historymakers TV

Announcing the launch of Historymakers TV with Matt Prater! Monday nights 6pm & Tuesdays at 9:30am on 31 Digital, Brisbane. Historymakers TV features interviews with Politicians, Musicians, Authors, Pastors & more. Watch amazing stories from Mark McCrindle, Bec Laughton, Col Stringer, Bill Newman, Bec Laughton, Ian Watto Watson, Jason Kennedy, Janet Yeo, Jodie Guerrero, Barbra Herrington, Ben Hughes, Eddie Baggerman, John Lewis, Tosh Sturgess, Dave Schenk, and many more…


Matt’s Appearance on Q&A

By Matt Prater  //  Blog  //  Comments Off on Matt’s Appearance on Q&A

Here are some videos and links to some media coverage of Matt’s recently appearance on Q&A:

Rudd Launches Passionate Gay Marriage Defence

Pastor Matt discusses Kevin Rudd video

ABC news story, Matt Prater, Kevin Rudd and the Christian vote

Some other Interviews

Matt Prater’s interview with Kevin Rudd on History Makers back on the 9th January:

Ben Fordham’s interview with Matt Prater on 2GB:

Ian Skippen and Mary Collier’s interview with Matt on 4BC:

Slavery and the Bible. Noel Debien hosts a discussion on ABC with Matt Prater, Sandy Grant and Andrew McGowen:

UCB’s Matt Prater Takes a Stand | UCB


Let the Kingdom Come

By Matt Prater  //  Journals  //  Comments Off on Let the Kingdom Come

John 18:36:

Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.”

Jesus could have led a political uprising, he had the numbers and the opportunity was there. Instead he came to bring the Kingdom of God, a spiritual kingdom.

One of the greatest criticisms of “religion” is that it has started wars and caused so much trouble. Jesus didn’t come for a physical overthrow; he came with an unseen kingdom. Whenever there was a miracle, it was the kingdom of light overcoming the kingdom of darkness.

The example of some Muslims trying to introduce Sharia law is an example of trying to overthrow a system with a religious system. Jesus had no such plan. His plan was to see people transformed by the Gospel, then that would bring God’s rule and reign in people’s lives.

What are the weapons of our kingdom? Prayer, servanthood, giving, love and the word of God. Not guns, or bombs, or cyber warfare, but spiritual weapons to defeat the kingdom of darkness.

Lord, give me insight into your kingdom. Help me fix my eyes on the things unseen, not on the things of this world. Give me kingdom eyes, kingdom hands and a kingdom heart. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Loose Lips

By Matt Prater  //  Journals  //  Comments Off on Loose Lips

Most Jews, including Peter, one of the disciples, thought that the Messiah would be a political ruler, and didn’t understand that Jesus would be a spiritual king.

In Mark 8, Peter and Jesus are talking. Peter had just said Jesus is the Messiah, a momentous revelation and proclamation. Then when Jesus talked about his death and resurrection, Peter rebuked Jesus, the one whom he had just called messiah!

It then says that Jesus rebuked Peter, but he spoke directly to Satan. In verse 33, we read:

…“Get behind me, Satan!” … “You do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”

Was Satan possessing Peter? Was it a deceptive demon, under Satan’s commands? Was the Evil Spirit oppressing Peter, not possessing Peter?

It may seem a bit harsh that Jesus rebuked him so bluntly. Jesus clearly didn’t have a fear of confrontation. And as the Rabbi, he had the authority and right in that culture to speak so bluntly.

For me, the application is twofold. To speak out boldly against anyone who is speaking out of line like Peter was. To walk in my authority and rebuke Satan whenever he speaks through someone.

I need to remember to be careful when I speak. To be careful not to open my mouth to change feet; not to have my mind merely on human concerns, but the concerns of God.

Lord, well done on the way you handled Peter! Give me the gift of discerning of Spirits, and the boldness to rebuke Satan where needed. Help me to always have in mind the concerns of God. I repent from my human concerns, for yours is the kingdom the power and the glory forever. Amen!


Pass the Baton

By Matt Prater  //  Journals  //  Comments Off on Pass the Baton

Who’d want to be a pastor? All he knows is he’s heard from God and he’s following the voice of the Lord. The congregation, however, want better food, better directions, better facilities, more in their budget, better car parking, better signage, more teaching on this subject, more ministries for their kids, more, more, more…

It was the same with the Israelites and Moses. There was amazing, supernatural provision of manna from heaven. They were privileged to receive these blessings, yet they were sick of it. They coveted what they had in the good old days of Egypt.

There is something in our fallen fleshly nature that makes us whinge and be ungrateful, just like the Israelites here.

God raised up 70 elders to share the burden, he put the Holy Spirit on them, they were anointed to lead. And here his young protégé, Joshua is worried about a couple of leaders who are prophesying. And Moses, as a true leader says in Numbers 11:29:

“Are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all the LORD’s people were prophets and that the LORD would put his Spirit on them!”

What a great leader’s heart. Not wanting to control it all and lord it over people, but a releasing heart, a father’s heart.

God will lead us. God will provide. We must trust our leaders. Be grateful for what the Lord has given us. Don’t covet the old days of Egypt, don’t look for greener grass. Water the grass you have been given, sow where you are, and you will reap a harvest. You will bear fruit.

Thank you Lord for your Manna in my life! I am grateful. Forgive me for the times I had ever grumbled and wished things were better. We will follow you wherever you lead. You have always been faithful and you always will be! Praise you for the wonderful financial provision in the last couple of days, and for the provision to come! Amen!


Peace and Prosperity

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Possible Hymn: My Hope is Built

When my son is playing with the DVD player and I walk in, he trembles. He knows he has been caught red handed. He knows he’ll get into trouble. And hopefully he won’t do it again. Definitely not when I am around!

Psalm 4:4-5 says:

Tremble and do not sin;
when you are on your beds,
search your hearts and be silent.
Offer the sacrifices of the righteous
and trust in the LORD.

There is a key here about sin. When you sin, you have to pay the consequences. God has already told us what sin is, and The Holy Spirit convicts us when we are tempted to sin. As this Psalm says when we are on our beds we are to search out hearts and be silent. Here David says to offer the sacrifices of the righteous. In the Old Testament that was the rule. In the New Testament we offer ourselves as a living sacrifice. We trust in the Lord.

He says, “Tremble and do not sin.” This is good advice. To tremble does have negative connotations, but there is a time for everything. God is a God of Love, but we must also tremble before his awesome power and as we fear him, we do not sin.

Lord, thank you that in the midst of trouble, you are our firm foundation. On Christ the Solid Rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand. Let the light of your face shine on us. Fill my heart with joy may grain and new wine abound. In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety. Amen.


Pride Comes Before a Fall

By Matt Prater  //  Journals  //  Comments Off on Pride Comes Before a Fall

Possible Song: Lord, I give you my heart

One quote from the movie, The Usual Suspects, is ‘the biggest lie the devil ever told was convincing people that he didn’t exist.’

Some people ARE convinced and don’t believe in a literal devil explaining that all of the verses about Satan are just about evil in general. But they are twisting scripture way too much! I’ve heard that there are 28 different names for Satan in scripture: the serpent, Lucifer, Devil, an adversary and a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.

In Isaiah 14:12-13, there is more description of Satan.

How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, You who weakened the nations! For you have said in your heart: ‘ I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.

This verse gives an insight into Satan’s fall. He was the son of the morning, implying he was beautiful, like the rising sun. He was cut down. He weakened the nations and he’ll exalt his throne above the stars of God. Clearly, his weakness was Pride. A weapon well used in churches today. There have been many great men and women become full of themselves and fall.

Scripture clearly says ‘God opposes the proud, and gives grace to the humble.’ Proverbs 16:18 says “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” It’s much better for God to humble you than for your own actions to cause you to fall…

2 Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways…”

We need to guard our hearts, and continually give praise and glory to God. We need to pray the dangerous prayer “Lord Humble me.” But only if you are ready for anything!

Lord, I give you my heart; I humble myself before you and ask you to mould my heart. In Jesus’ name. Amen.



By Matt Prater  //  Journals  //  Comments Off on Supernatural

John 4:53:

Then the father realized that this was the exact time at which Jesus had said to him, “Your son will live.” So he and his whole household believed.

There is a TV show about a family who all get superpowers, and they are using them for good, to change the world! Interesting that the world loves to watch any entertainment about superpowers, when the Bible is full of people with super natural powers! As Christians, we are called to function in them the way the disciples did!

Jesus’ supernatural power healed the boy of his fever, and because of that miracle, the whole family believed!

I revert time and time again to using my own words and strategies to share the Gospel, and God still works and people get saved. But time and time again, witnessing is coupled with signs and wonder that confirm the preaching of the Word. It’s harder to do the Supernatural stuff, but we must step out on faith and be bold, and miracles will come!

Lord, Use me to do great exploits in your name, give me more boldness. Use me in this great harvest, Lord. I pray that those in our churches will see their families and friends saved. Let there be more miracles Lord! Amen.


The Eyes of Faith

By Matt Prater  //  Journals  //  Comments Off on The Eyes of Faith

Possible Song: Our God is Greater

Many times I am overwhelmed by circumstances: bills coming in, the problems and disasters that happen in the world. In these circumstances, weighing up the odds is the worldly way of looking at things. But, think of David in front of Goliath, Moses in front of the Red Sea, Jonah before Nineveh, Esther before the King. Time and time again men and women of God had the odds stacked against them.

In 2 Kings 6:16-17, we read about God’s supernatural provision. Elisha and his men are surrounded in Dothan city by God’s protection and win in the end.

“Don’t be afraid”, the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, LORD, so that he may see.” Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

How many times in scripture do we see the words “Don’t be afraid”? Fear is one of the enemy’s most used weapons. In the natural, the odds are almost always against us. If we walk by sight and not by faith, we will be crippled by fear. But if we allow the Lord to open our supernatural eyes, to see with the eyes of faith, we will always know, “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

My son, Josh, loves the words of Chris Tomlin’s song, ‘Our God is greater, Our God is stronger, God you are higher than any other, Our God is healer awesome in power our God!’

We need to proclaim those words no matter what the odds are, and like Jehosophat know that “The battle is not yours, but God’s.” Praise and worship your way through any battle!

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