Homer Hargrove

Homer Hargrove is the Senior Pastor at Gravetop Church in San Antonio, Texas. He started with a broken life that was full of trauma, addiction and violence, and everything changed when he decided to tap into something greater than himself. He’s started and developed ministries from the ground up and has made significant impacts within recovery centres, public schools, detention centres and other organizations. Grace Buckman caught up with Homer to hear his story!

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Aleisha Reader-White

Aleisha Reader-White is the founder of “Equipped For Grace.” She provides training and consultancy for Churches and faith based organisations in the areas of Child Protection, DV support, Suicide and self-harm, Acute Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol, Homelessness, Sexual assault/trauma. She’s worked in the criminal justice system with some of the most dangerous and trauma impacted people including murderers, rapists, bikies, child sex offenders and some of Australia’s most dangerous prisoners. In this interview she shares about her journey of faith and how she was transformed on a mission trip to South Africa. On that trip she decided, “this is what I want my life to be.” Everything changed from that moment. Listen in to her story!

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Bev McInnes

Bev McInnes is a Christian Counsellor based in Melbourne. For many years Bev has been passionate about working with individuals and families in the area’s of Trauma Counselling, specifically in Sexual, Emotional and Physical Abuse as well as addictions, anxiety, depression and anger resolution. Listen in to her story and how out of her recovery from trauma, she’s now able to help others.

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