Stuart Robinson

Dr Stuart Robinson is an Author and Pastor who has a great story to tell! From a non-Christian background he became a committed follower of Jesus Christ at a young age. He sensed an immediate call to Christian ministry, which through secular University and Theological College studies, crystallised into cross-cultural mission into South Asia for many years. He also spent many years as Pastor of Crossway Baptist Church in Melbourne. During Stuart’s time as Senior Pastor, Crossway also became known as a church planting, training centre and a major incubator of cross-cultural staff all supported and sent out to many other countries. Stuart himself has ministered in over 70 countries. He transferred his Senior Pastoral responsibilities to his successor in 2009 and since then has been released to write books, three of which have reached “best seller” status. As a speaker his major topics include prayer, church growth, cross-cultural mission and Islam. When asked to describe his life and ministry he replies that he is, “Just a nobody who has been sent to tell anybody that Somebody died for everybody.” That Somebody is Jesus Christ whom Stuart still follows. Listen in to his story!

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Ryan Vallee

Pastor Ryan Vallee is part of the team at Riverlife Church Brisbane. He is an Australian, Canadian and American citizen, and he’s worked with the marginalised in Mexico, served Indigenous communities in Australia, and has helped struggling families in Brisbane. He’s studied psychology and theology, and as a heavyweight, he’s taken out the South East Queensland amateur title by knockout in the 2nd round! His testimony packs a real punch! Listen in to his story!

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