Bobby Mearns

Bobby Mearns is the founder of Fishers of Men, a rehab with a ministry to the homeless in Brisbane. Bobby was a heroin addict, dealer and Triad member for over 20 years in Hong Kong. After a dramatic encounter with God, he was set free from addiction and launched into ministry. Bobby says he has a degree in criminology, “done every crime in the book!” He shares how encounter with Jackie Pullinger taught him about true love from God. Listen in to his redemption story!

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Chantal Kemsley

Chantal Kemsley is part of the leadership team at Sherwood Cliffs Rehab near Coffs Harbour. Her parents, John and Honi Reifler were the founders of Sherwood Cliffs, and Chantal was raised in that environment. In this conversation Chantal shares about her own story of marrying Colin who went through the rehab program at the age of 19 and how this amazing faith-based ministry is seeing many lived transformed! Listen to her story!

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Kerrie Hains

Kerrie Hains is an Author, Exercise Physiologist and Mobile Personal Trainer. She’s been working in the sports, health, fitness, and rehabilitation industry for over 30 years. She shares about her faith journey and how she prays for guidance with all her clients. Kerrie has also written 4 self-help health and fitness books which are proving to be extremely popular. In this interview Matt Prater shares about his own personal health journey and how he’s lost over 22kg while he and his family have been training with Kerrie!

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