Allen and Alicia Murray

Allen and Alicia Murray are Christian singer/song writers based in Harvey Bay. With a broad range of music varying from country and folk, to blues, they travel around Australia and minister in Prisons, churches, schools, pubs and wherever the doors open for them. Listen in to their stories of transformation and healing!

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Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson has an amazing testimony! After years of addiction, prison and crime, he had a powerful encounter with God. He now serves with Fishers of Men and helps reach others with the same background. Listen in to his story!

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Paul Brittenden

Paul Brittenden was addicted to illicit drugs for a quarter of a century before he made contact with The Salvation Army. Paul is now employed by the Salvo’s as a community engagement worker. He advocates for clients with the courts and government departments like Centrelink. He also provides counselling to people in addiction and pastoral care through God’s Sports Arena (corps) in Brisbane, where he works alongside for Bronco’s Chaplain Bill Hunter.

Paul’s early life was not pleasant. He was adopted as a baby, had an abusive childhood, started on drugs at 14, left home at 16 and spent the next 24 or so years heavily into the drug trade. He had a good paying job, but spent it all on drugs. In 2013, he voluntarily entered the Moonyah rehab program. The “religious stuff” at Moonyah didn’t interest him. He had been raised by a religious family, but abuse within the family and church turned him away. After coming to Christ, he appeared in court on drugs trafficking charges and was sent to prison. Salvation Army people went to court with him and visited him in jail. They had an effect. Paul started “a church” in prison. Listen in to his story this week on Historymakers!

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Dave and Shelly Drage

Pastors Dave and Shelly Drage are responding to a call on their lives to GO and ENCOURAGE the churches of Australia. Dave believes God has called him to walk! He is walking the Approx 14,500km of the National Highway One around Australia. While Shelly leads the support team in the 4WD! Visiting the towns and cities along the route, they will stop and share with churches and communities the message of the gospel. Listen in to hear about their music, their message and about the time Shelly spent in prison and how it’s helped bring them closer to God.

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