Edward Kost

Edward Kost is the creator of the Redeemed Podcast – a Christian podcast combining creative script writing with talented voice actors to connect listeners to the messages of Christ. This Podcast has Dramatizations inspired by biblical accounts that will give both Christians and skeptics an entertaining alternative with gospel roots.

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Leroy Brown

Leroy Brown is a Comedian, Author, Podcaster and self-confessed radio nerd. He’s worked at many radio stations in Australia, and has a great testimony of how his life was changed by one song he heard on a Christian radio station in Darwin. Listen in to his story!

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Brian Hardin

Brian Hardin is the founder of Daily Audio Bible, the revolutionary Scripture podcast, downloaded over 64 million times. He also has a healthy collection of Grammy and Dove Award nominations, from producing the likes of Larry Norman to modern radio regulars like Jill Parr and Manic Drive.

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