Greg Cumming

Pastor Greg Cumming has been in Christian ministry and business for 35 years. He founded Mission Educate in the nation of Mozambique, Africa which now has a Christian school of over 2000 students, a technical college and advanced plans for Christian University in that nation, and was a founding partner of Peniel Church (10,000 members). He founded The Literacy Program delivering gospel-based literacy to over 170 African villages giving thousands the ability to write and read, especially the Scriptures.

He is currently the Chairman of Good News for Israel, a ministry aimed at teaching God’s eternal purposes for Israel and the Jewish people and showing that Jesus is Messiah, especially to the Jewish people. He has authored 12 books and is currently writing his latest – ‘Is Jesus the Messiah?’.

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Cornelis Kant

Reverend Cornelis Kant is the Executive Director of Christians for Israel International. Rev. Cornelis has previously been working in the banking sector and has served as a Pastor in several Protestant Churches in the Netherlands. Listen in to hear his testimony and about his mission to speak about the biblical promises for Israel and the Jewish people.

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