Darren Bennett

Darren Bennett is an Aussie author who loves to share a good yarn. In this conversation he shares about his faith journey and about some of his many zany adventures. Darren had to hang on for dear life in a cyclone that destroyed Darwin. He also lived to tell about his experience on a sinking cruise ship in Indonesia and survived an ordeal with wild buffalo in outback Australia. Listen in to his story!

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Andrew Scarborough

Andrew Scarborough is an Evangelist, a Revivalist and a Life and Leadership Coach. Andrew has ministered in over 15 different nations from Indonesia to America, Germany to Mozambique and currently serves as the National Ministry Director for Youth For Christ Australia, and is the founder of Awaken the Valley, a ministry aimed at reaching the lost and reviving the found for Jesus. He also serves the Canberra Declaration and the National Day of Prayer and Fasting and has a passion for Christ to be central in our nation. He is also the author of two books, Hater to Healer, and Where Rivers Flow. Listen in to his story!

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