Ben Cosford

Ben Cosford is a Singer/songwriter, an Actor and an Anglican Minister. He has suffered from depression since age 23 and has experienced some dark times but has always been carried by Jesus. He has recently been diagnosed with ADHD which has brought a lift from his depression and given Ben fresh creative energies which has resulted in new songs. Listen in to his story!

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Rachel Kayrooz

Rachel “NinjaMum” Kayrooz has survived the unthinkable. Once a gifted classical singer, actor and songwriter, with a promising career in the arts, this sales and marketing professional went from working in the top end of town and performing in theatre and film, to living in her car, pregnant, beaten, broke and homeless. 

Her story of survival will shock you. Yet her bravery, courage, resilience and fight to live has motivated and empowered thousands of people. Listen in to her faith journey and be inspired!

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Brad Stine

Brad Stine is an American Stand-up comedian, actor and author. He’s appeared with the band “Go Fish,” for the song and the movie, Christmas with a Capital “C”, he’s also featured in the films, “Welcome to Paradise,” “Sarah’s Choice,” “Homeless for the Holidays” and “Persecuted.” Listen in to his story and how he became one of the Father’s of Christian comedy.

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