Vision [Godspot]

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I heard a story about the importance of having a vision and having dreams for your life. There was a young guy who didn't have much confidence in life. He didn't brush his hair. He didn't wear deodorant. He walked around dragging his feet. And didn't have a dream or a goal for his life. His parents would always lay down the law and tell him "Brush your hair!", "Put on deodorant", "Put a smile on your face", "Get a spring in your step". But he didn't have a teachable heart. And he didn't listen to what they had to say. One day the boy walked into the family home. His hair was slick back. He smelt good. He had a spring in his step and a smile on his face like they'd never seen before. Something had changed on the inside and it was showing on the outside. You know what happened? He saw a UFO. An Unidentified Female Object. This young boy had fallen in love and realised if he was going to get the girl he had to change his life. Something on the inside changed, and everything on the outside changed too. You know the book of proverbs says, "Without vision people perish". We all need to have a vision, a dream, a goal in life. Whether it's a girl, whether it's a job, whether it's a calling we've got in life. When we've got a vision, we should write it down. Make it plain, so that those that read it might run with it. When you've got a vision in life, you want to get out of bed everyday and make the most of the day. You want to do everything you can to achieve that goal or impress the girl. What's the vision that's on your heart? What's your dream? Why don't you write it down today?

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