Target [Godspot]

Once upon a time there was a prince who was a master archer. He was so good, he believed he was the finest archer in the world. One day he came across a barn with painted targets along the entire side of the barn. There was a single arrow in the dead centre in every target on the side of the barn. He saw a young boy standing outside the barn, and he asked the boy “Who is this master archer that shot all these targets?”. “It was me!”, said the boy. And the prince demanded that he show him his skills. The boy grabbed his arrow; he took aim and the boy hit the side of the barn far away from any of the targets. Then the boy ran into the barn. He emerged with a brush and a can of paint. He painted a circle around the arrow he just shot. Then two more circles to form a target.
“That’s how I do it.”, said the boy. “First I shoot the arrow, then I paint the target”.

Many people are living their lives just shooting off without any direction; no clear plan. Author Robert Schuller says “If we plan to fail, we fail to plan”. Lets make sure that we’re aiming clearly at the call that God has placed in our heart. The Bible says that without vision people perish. What’s God’s vision for your life? Are you heading in the right direction? Lets make sure that we hit the target that’s set before us.