Silent Retreat [Godspot]

I saw a poster recently that really got me thinking. It said “Jesus avoided people, so should you.” I thought, it’s true that Jesus did go off to solitary places to pray at times and he didn’t always avoid people. He loved them and he ministered to them, he did miracles with them. But it is true that time and time again in scripture, Jesus withdrew from the crowds to go away and pray. In our busy lives we can spend the whole day with the radio, the TV, the internet all blaring into our ears. We can be surrounded by people and busyness. They say that busyness is the curse of the new millennium. But the truth is we’re no good to anyone if our tank’s empty. I think Jesus knew the key of withdrawing from the crowds. Going away to a solitary place and seeking the will of his Father in heaven. That’s the way to get your tank filled up. And when your tank’s full, you can achieve what you’re meant to achieve. It’s great to set aside time every morning to pray and read the Word of God. But I don’t think that’s enough. I think we need to take time throughout each day as well. A friend of mine told me about a silent retreat she went on for three days. She said at first, it was really difficult, but then she learnt the art of being still. I think it’s a timely reminder for us to stop being so busy. To pause. Take time to fill the tank and live for an audience of one. To follow Christ and to not follow the crowd.