Paul Gibbs

Paul Clayton Gibbs founded The Pais Movement, a non-profit organization which has grown from one pioneering team in Manchester, England in 1992 to becoming a global enterprise with teams in over twenty nations and headquarters on six continents 30 years later. Paul is known for mobilizing the many not just the few. Currently impacting six continents with his books, Masterclasses, consultancy and The Pais Movement, Paul has a slightly different perspective on things. He combines ancient methods of discipleship with a communication style that is creative and fun. He is an award-winning author and his books provide handbooks with practical principle applications to help people build something good together in their world. Paul is a gifted speaker, teacher, and author of several books who spends much of his time producing resources to train and mentor Christian leaders. He also travels throughout the world, speaking and teaching. 25 years ago Paul prayer walked across England. In 2021 he did it again! Listen in to his story!