Bridge [Godspot]

Bob Gass from “The Word for Today” shares the story about John Griffith, the railway controller. His responsibility was for a draw bridge over the Mississippi River. One day he took his young son to work with him. After putting the massive draw bridge up, Griffith was eating lunch when suddenly he heard the whistle for the Memphis Express roaring towards the crossing. Leaping from the observation deck, he ran to throw the control switch. Glancing down, his heart stopped. His son had fallen into the gears, trapping his legs into the cogs. Desperately he tried to devise a rescue plan, but there was no time. His son was down there, but there were 400 passengers on the train. Griffith knew what he had to do. Burying his face in his arm, he pushed the master switch just in time to lower the bridge into place as the train thundered across. Then raising his head he looked into the passing windows with tear filled eyes. There were businessmen casually reading the newspaper. Ladies sipping coffee and children eating ice cream. Nobody even looked at the controller house or glanced down at the great gearbox. In agony Griffith cried out, “I sacrificed my son for you people! Don’t you care?!” But the train rushed by. Nobody heard the anguished father’s words. Think of the sacrifice that John Griffith made to save everyone on that train. It’s a pail comparison to the sacrifice that our heavenly father made when he gave his one and only son for us. John 3:16 tells us that “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Have you thanked God today for the sacrifice he made by giving his one and only son for us? Maybe today is the day to thank him and get your heart right with God.