Loose Lips

Most Jews, including Peter, one of the disciples, thought that the Messiah would be a political ruler, and didn’t understand that Jesus would be a spiritual king.

In Mark 8, Peter and Jesus are talking. Peter had just said Jesus is the Messiah, a momentous revelation and proclamation. Then when Jesus talked about his death and resurrection, Peter rebuked Jesus, the one whom he had just called messiah!

It then says that Jesus rebuked Peter, but he spoke directly to Satan. In verse 33, we read:

…“Get behind me, Satan!” … “You do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”

Was Satan possessing Peter? Was it a deceptive demon, under Satan’s commands? Was the Evil Spirit oppressing Peter, not possessing Peter?

It may seem a bit harsh that Jesus rebuked him so bluntly. Jesus clearly didn’t have a fear of confrontation. And as the Rabbi, he had the authority and right in that culture to speak so bluntly.

For me, the application is twofold. To speak out boldly against anyone who is speaking out of line like Peter was. To walk in my authority and rebuke Satan whenever he speaks through someone.

I need to remember to be careful when I speak. To be careful not to open my mouth to change feet; not to have my mind merely on human concerns, but the concerns of God.

Lord, well done on the way you handled Peter! Give me the gift of discerning of Spirits, and the boldness to rebuke Satan where needed. Help me to always have in mind the concerns of God. I repent from my human concerns, for yours is the kingdom the power and the glory forever. Amen!