Pass the Baton

Who’d want to be a pastor? All he knows is he’s heard from God and he’s following the voice of the Lord. The congregation, however, want better food, better directions, better facilities, more in their budget, better car parking, better signage, more teaching on this subject, more ministries for their kids, more, more, more…

It was the same with the Israelites and Moses. There was amazing, supernatural provision of manna from heaven. They were privileged to receive these blessings, yet they were sick of it. They coveted what they had in the good old days of Egypt.

There is something in our fallen fleshly nature that makes us whinge and be ungrateful, just like the Israelites here.

God raised up 70 elders to share the burden, he put the Holy Spirit on them, they were anointed to lead. And here his young protégé, Joshua is worried about a couple of leaders who are prophesying. And Moses, as a true leader says in Numbers 11:29:

“Are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all the LORD’s people were prophets and that the LORD would put his Spirit on them!”

What a great leader’s heart. Not wanting to control it all and lord it over people, but a releasing heart, a father’s heart.

God will lead us. God will provide. We must trust our leaders. Be grateful for what the Lord has given us. Don’t covet the old days of Egypt, don’t look for greener grass. Water the grass you have been given, sow where you are, and you will reap a harvest. You will bear fruit.

Thank you Lord for your Manna in my life! I am grateful. Forgive me for the times I had ever grumbled and wished things were better. We will follow you wherever you lead. You have always been faithful and you always will be! Praise you for the wonderful financial provision in the last couple of days, and for the provision to come! Amen!