Speaker: Grace Buckman

Hannah Pettefer

Hannah Pettefer is a 26-year-old small business owner from Louisiana who recently published her first book, Open Hands. Hannah runs a specialty event planning business called Magical Moments that focuses on character parties and styled picnics. When Hannah isn’t running parties and picnics, she’s teaching ballet, running social media for her Father’s two small businesses, or pursuing wonderful ministry opportunities like writing her first book. In Open Hands: A Journey to Trusting the Lord with Your Desires and Disappointments, Hannah shares personal tales of heartbreak and dreams, guiding readers from uncertainty to trust in God. It’s not a book of quick fixes, but full of wisdom for embracing life’s uncertainties with faith in God. Grace Buckman caught up with Hannah to find out her story, listen in!

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Amy Hayes

Amy Hayes is the mother of 8 children and grandmother to ten (and counting). Her writing career started when the Lord called her to mentor parents. Her first book, How I Raised 8 Amazing Kids in Spite of Myself, is a brief overview of her life raising her 8 children through the ups and downs, challenges and upheaval of 3 marriages and divorces. Her second book, Graceful Parenting, is specifically for Christian parents or anyone who wants to know what the Bible really says about parenting. Ms Hayes’ passion is to equip Christian parents with kingdom keys to raise children who know and love God and fulfill their God-given destiny in the Body of Christ and on the Earth. Grace Buckman caught up with Amy to hear her story!

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Homer Hargrove

Homer Hargrove is the Senior Pastor at Gravetop Church in San Antonio, Texas. He started with a broken life that was full of trauma, addiction and violence, and everything changed when he decided to tap into something greater than himself. He’s started and developed ministries from the ground up and has made significant impacts within recovery centres, public schools, detention centres and other organizations. Grace Buckman caught up with Homer to hear his story!

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Felicia Limmer

Felicia Limmer is a Radio host, Podcaster and lecturer at Christian Heritage College! Drawing from her experience as the National Marketing Manager for Baskin Robbins, one of her key areas of passion is to help students and organisations ‘find their flavour’ by understanding who their ‘customers’ are and how to create a flavour that keeps them wanting to come back for more! She is also part of the team at Vision Christian Radio and she produces her own podcast, “Quicksticks,” a quick 5 minute bible story for each school day! Bible Stories which are told simply, designed to hold the attention of even young listeners. Listen in to her story!

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Kala Yoder

Kala Yoder is a podcaster from Northern Indiana who has a passion to help busy people connect to God in simple yet deep and meaningful ways. She is the host of the Confidence in Christ podcast, a place where she encourages women to have confidence in Christ as they navigate life. Kala shares weekly podcast episodes with guests who have first hand experience gaining confidence in God through seeing him work and move in their lives, as well as daily scripture readings to help people grow in their relationship with God. Kala was recently one of the keynote speakers at the Michiana Women’s Conference and has been involved in many other Christian conferences.

This week also features guest host Grace Buckman! Grace is a youth leader at New Hope Brisbane, and also has her own podcast! Grace will be recording some Historymakers interviews, because Matt Prater is a bit overloaded. So you will be hearing her voice a bit more!

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