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Historymakers TV with Matt Prater is on Mondays at 6pm, & Tuesdays at 9:30am on 31 Digital, Brisbane. Historymakers TV features interviews with Politicians, Musicians, Authors, Pastors & more. Watch amazing stories from Mark McCrindle, Bec Laughton, Col Stringer, Bill Newman, Bec Laughton, Ian Watto Watson, Jason Kennedy, Janet Yeo, Jodie Guerrero, Barbra Herrington, Ben Hughes, Eddie Baggerman, John Lewis, Tosh Sturgess, Dave Schenk, and many more... And please pray for lives to be transformed!

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Luke Franklin

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Pastor Luke Franklin is a PNG Pastor & Missionary who’s served in Vanuatu, the Solomons, Manus Island & India. He’s seen many miracles including 12 people being raised from the dead!


Jeff Poole

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Jeff Poole is an Aussie Singer/songwriter based in NZ. He shares about his struggles with abuse & homosexuality, & how his marriage has been restored & how his foundation is God’s word has helped in the healing process. For more go to historymakers.tv


Dominic Steele

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Dominic Steele is the Author & Presenter of “Introducing God”, an evangelism course designed to reach those who are far from God. He shares his life story, & about Christians in the Media, a ministry for those in media. www.introducinggod.org


Sean W Smith

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Sean W Smith is not your average children’s entertainer. He is one of the most sought after Christian children’s songwriters, entertainers and family ministers on the planet. His ability to connect with all ages through music is truly unparalleled. www.seanwsmith.com


Duncan Phillips

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Duncan Phillips is the drummer for the Newsboys, one of Australia’s most successful Christian Rock Bands. He shares about the Movie, God’s Not Dead in which they feature, & the possibility of a worldwide tour with DC Talk! www.newsboys.com


Clint Davis

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Clint Davis shares his story of life growing up in South Africa, working in Radio & TV, then coming to Christ. He also shares what it was like to recently meet his Father for the first time, and how our identity must come from our Heavenly Father.


Darren Wilson

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Darren Wilson is Director of the film “Holy Ghost”. It features Lenny Kravitz, Michael W Smith, Brian Welch from the Band “Korn”, Phil Vischer the creator of “Veggie Tales” & many more. He’s made a number of feature films including Father of Lights & Furious Love. DeVon Franklin, VP of Production at Columbia Pictures calls him “one of the most innovative filmmakers and authors of faith today”. holyghost.wpfilm.com


Bel Thomson

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Bel Thomson is an Australian award-winning singer, songwriter & speaker, based in Coffs Harbour. Her single, “New Creation” featuring Paul Colman has been played on Christian radio nationally. Bel’s lyrics press beyond the surface, & have touched audiences around Australia & Overseas. www.belthomson.com


The Shed Meadowbrook

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Steve, Joel & Portia are from the Shed Youth outreach in Meadowbrook QLD. With over 90 youth each week, they are impacting many teens with their music, great food, & the Gospel. Listen in for their studio performance, a mix of soul, rap & R’n’B.


Josh Reid

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Josh Reid is an Aussie media professional involved in producing film, TV & radio, he writes & speaks internationally on the influence media has on our culture. Here about his film projects, books & how God is using Christian media can transform lives. www.joshreidmedia.com

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